Where Can I sell My Diamond Ring for Cash in Orlando?

I received a phone call from a young lady in the Winter Park area looking to sell her round brilliant diamond ring after being recently divorced. She was wondering how much she could sell it for.

Unfortunately, this is an all too frequent situation with all the divorce these days. She did have a GIA certificate on the stone as it was a large higher quality diamond. Of course, I need to see the ring in person to give her an accurate appraisal and price. I gave her was a ballpark price until she could come into the store.

She agreed to stop by and I ended up buying the diamond ring for cash and an agreed price which turned out to be about 5% more than I offered on the phone because of the exceptional brilliance of the diamond.

A few important things to remember when selling a diamond wedding ring:
• Too many times I get diamonds offered to me that have inaccurate grading reports and the offer could be a lot less than expected.
• Remember that the grading report is only as good as the person grading the stone. 
• Always try to buy a GIA certified diamond as this is the highest standard in diamond grading.
• You will always pay a premium for a GIA stone. 
• As the saying goes you get what you pay for. 
• When purchasing a diamond stay away from the big stores. These large chains have a huge overhead with advertisements on radio, TV etc. You will definitely not get a good deal at a retail shop and they do not buy diamonds, they only trade them back as long as you spend double on an upgrade! Now you are getting deeper into a hole and will be lucky to get 20 cents on a dollar if you ever need to sell it. 

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