How to Get a Loan on a Large Diamond Engagement Ring

Over the weekend I received an inquiry about pawning a diamond ring from a young lady in the Bay Hill Windermere area as follows.

"I want to get a loan on my large diamond engagement ring but not sure how it works and I want to be sure ring safe while it’s in pawn." 

This question is one of the most asked I get here at JB Jewelers. These are the points I e-mailed her back:

  1. A pawn is a fast, easy, and convenient process to get cash. No credit checks. Just bring in your items with state Drivers license or passport.
  2. The loan is good for 30 days with an additional 30 grace period. Each month the interest is due and can be extended as long as you need. 
  3. All of JB Jewelers Inc pawn jewelry loans are stored in a bank vault and are fully insured for your peace of mind. I am certified by GIA and been in business for almost 30 years at the same location. 

I specialize in pawning large diamonds and high-end fashion jewelry along with Rolex watches. All my clients get the same personal one on one attention whether you are buying, selling, or pawning big diamonds, Rolex watches, or anything else for that matter.

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