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Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

The market for used watches is firming up some but it is still a buyers market.  There are still more sellers than buyers as is the case in most luzury items.  The sport watches such as the Daytona, Submariner, yachtmaster and GMT are still the most desirable of the Rolex.  Bigger is better is the case of the ladies Rolex.  Women are defenitly trending to a mans size watch and with our aging baby boomers, I see no reason for that to change, as none of our eyes are getting any better as we age………….

diamond prices

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

With the dollar falling everyday and commodity prices sky rocketing, its just a matter of time before the prices of diamond go up.  I think that we will see a sharp increase in the cost of fine stones. The prices of 1.5ct and bigger bring premium’s and its getting harder to find well made stones.  The good news is there are no shortage of folks selling their jewelry do to hard times and divorce.  The deals are out there you just have to search in your area for the guy who buys pre-owned treasures.  Spring is here and young couples are falling in love.  The diamond selling season is here……………..

Diamond buyers orlando

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Now is a great time to sell your diamonds, fine jewelry and Rolex watches.  Why?  Other than the fact that gold is at an all time high, christmas is almost here!!! I always pay more before the holidays because there is a better chance of me selling anything I buy quickly.  So if you have been thinking of selling a diamond or jewelry item, do it now!!!  After Christmas comes and goes, so does the time to get the most cash for your treasure’s………

Buying Jewelry from the public

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

In these trying economic times, used jewelryis coming out of the woodwork.  People that need to sell thier stuff best be prepared for a shock when they go to sell it.  Most jewelry store mark up there jewelry about 200% at least.  Thats why when you take it back to the store you bought it from to sell it back you get, “we are sorry but we don’t buy jewelry, we only take it in trade towards another purchase”  Of course, because if they had to buy it back you would be lucky to get 20 cents on the dollar back.  How would that look :(  Like you paid way to much when you bought it.  Moral of the story, stay away from big stores with lots of overhead.  You are paying for it!!!!


Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Pawnshopshave come a long way from the dark ages when they where in bad neighborhoods and had questionable characters that owned them.  Getting a short term  loan on your jewelry items can be a lifesaver for many folks.  Selling your jewelry is a good idea if its going to be 6 months or more before you get right with your finances.  But if you ever want to replace your jewelry or watches down the road, it could be more costly than if you took a loan out and got them back with the interest charges added………….

Ring Finger size made easy

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

I saw this article and thought I would share it. You just got your future wife a diamond engagement ring. How do you get her finger size without her knowing and messing up the surprise? Check this out

Watches, Resale value????

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

I look at many different brands of watches for sale everyday.  Rolex, Cartier, breitling, Tag Heuer and many more.  What determines the value of a watch depends on a few variables.  Brand, retail price, condition, demand are the most important ones I can think of.  When it comes to brand, Rolex watches hold their value better than most.  The reason is because there is good demand for them in the used market and they are not discounted much when new. The stainless steel sport models like the daytona, submariner, yachtmaster and GMT’s are good examples.  If you are selling your Tag Huer or another watch that can be found for deep discounts off the retail price, you can expect too lose a greater percentage of your purchase price. There are some watches that dealers will not buy at all that might cost over 1000 dollars retail because the secondary market for that brand is non-existent.

To good too be true: Rolex fakes

Monday, April 26th, 2010

I received an email today from a gentleman wanting to sell a Rolex watch that he bought from a friend of a friend. After speaking with him on the phone, I suggested that he bring it by the store for a free verbal appraisal.  He agreed and got here about a half hour ago.  As soon as he handed me the watch, I could feel the weight of it in my hand and knew it was a fake.  I asked him where he purchased the watch and he told my his neighbor had a friend that needed money and wanted to get rid of his watch for 500 dollars. He never had a Rolex dealer look at it to verify that it was indeed a authentic Rolex watch.  There are some good fakes out there that even I have to look real hard at and I have bought thousands of real Rolex watches in the last 22 years.

( if this watch was real I would have paid him 1250 for it)

First off, never buy a fine watch from someone that you have no recourse with.  All of my watches come with an appraisal for insurance and to prove authenticity.  They also have a two year warranty from date of purchase.

Here are a few easy thing to look for in the future.  If the watch is yellow gold or SS/gold, look at the gold links and case carefully.  The fakes are gold plated  and most of the time you will see the gold color is fading off or not even in color.  Next thing is take a jewelers loupe and look at the lettering on the dial.  It will almost always be blurred or have places where the letter did not transfer on the dial completely.  The dial on a Rolex will aways be perfect.  Look for any imperfections on the dial. These are the two easiest ways to spot a CHEAP fake.  The good ones are much harder to spot. The best way to be safe is to bring the watch to a reputable jeweler that has the expertise to look at the watch for you before you lay out any money.  If the person is not willing to do that for you, then for sure there is a problem with it.

Please visit us at I would be happy to answer any questions you have about a Rolex watch or any fine timepiece.

All the best, JB

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