Too good to be true: Rolex Fakes

I received an email today from a gentleman wanting to sell a Rolex watch that he bought from a friend of a friend. After speaking with him on the phone, I suggested that he bring it to the store for a free verbal appraisal.  He agreed and got here about a half hour ago.  As soon as he handed me the watch, I could feel the weight of it in my hand and knew it was a fake.  I asked him where he purchased the watch and he told me his neighbor had a friend that needed money and wanted to get rid of his watch for 500 dollars. He never had a Rolex dealer look at it to verify that it was indeed an authentic Rolex watch.  There are some good fakes out there that even I have to look real hard at and I have bought thousands of real Rolex watches in the last 22 years.

( if this watch was real I would have paid him 1250 for it)

First off, never buy a fine watch from someone that you have no recourse with.  All of my watches come with an appraisal for insurance and to prove authenticity.  They also have a two-year warranty from date of purchase.

Here is a few easy thing to look for in the future.  If the watch is yellow gold or SS/gold, look at the gold links and case carefully.  The fakes are gold plated and most of the time you will see the gold color is fading off or not even in color.  Next thing is to take a jewelers loupe and look at the lettering on the dial.  It will almost always be blurred or have places where the letter did not transfer on the dial completely.  The dial on a Rolex will always be perfect.  Look for any imperfections on the dial. These are the two easiest ways to spot a CHEAP fake.  The good ones are much harder to spot. The best way to be safe is to bring the watch to a reputable jeweler that has the expertise to look at the watch for you before you lay out any money.  If the person is not willing to do that for you, then for sure there is a problem with it.

Do you live in the Orlando area and have a Rolex that needs to be looked at?  Contact us today for a free appraisal.

I saw this and thought I would share it with you.  This is going on all over the world.  Buy or sell your Rolex to a dealer that is established in the area where you live.