Diamonds are Forever ... Right?!

When buying a diamond for the one you love, you should have a good knowledge of the 4 Cā€™s. Clarity, color, cut and carat weight. Clarity is very important but one should not go overboard on this because any stone that is more than just eye clean (SI2), is spending money on something that can not be enjoyed be you or anyone by the naked eye. Better too spend your money on a bigger stone or one that has a higher color. Make sure that the diamond you purchase has not been clarity enhanced. This process takes a diamond that has flaws that can be seen to the naked eye and turns the stone into one that now looks clean to the eye by injecting a plastic into the stone to mask the flaws. This is not forever. If the stone is ever subjected to any heat from a jewelers torch, say to repair a prong, the plastic will discolor or melt from the stone. Always make sure you have an appraisal stating the stone is not been clarity enhanced.

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