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Pawning jewelry

September 17th, 2010

Pawning or selling your jewelry to a pawn broker can be difficult. It may be the first time you’ve sold jewelry. You need to find out who you should sell or pawn your jewelry to in Orlando. Pawn shops in will extend a loan or purchase your jewelry based on the estimated value of the item, whereas jewelry buyers will only purchase your item outright.  I have been through the jewelry selling process many times with our clients, it can be emotional and confusing.

Go check out some local pawn shops in Orlando. Don’t be surprised at the neighborhoods or the experience,  pawn shops are not always in the most secure locations. Once you get there, you may be talking to someone in a cage.  Get some quotes and then stop by and see me at

You can send me an email of what you have or give me a call, better yet please stop by the store in Winter Park.  Make sure you check references and reputation before you leave your item with a pawnshop!!!!

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